Easy Charge


Automatic loader for adhesive
into granules. Reliable, quiet,
modular and compatible.

Easy-Charge is able to satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of reliability, low noise, modularity and compatibility towards the plants Hot-Melt most widespread on the market.

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Frequently asked questions

In my works I would like to automate the loading of hot melt systems. It’s possible?Certainly. Emmeci Elettronica produces for adhesive charger in Easy-charge granules. This charger ensures that the tanks of hot glue systems are always filled to the...
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How do I install a loader for adhesive granules hot melt on my system? I have problems with the maintenance of the system warranty?The Easy-Charge charger available as an accessory covers for the types of hot melt systems popular on the market. In its order must specify, among...
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In my works I have several lines with hot melt systems. If you want to automate the loading of tanks should I expect a charger for each plant?Probably not, if the lines all use the same hot-melt adhesive. Each Easy-Charge charger can manage up to a maximum of 4 lines simultaneously. The...
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I would use a multi-channel Easy-Charge charger to fill the tanks of the nearest lines, but I have to pass a corridor used by lift trucks or forklifts. What can I do?Easy-Charge allows to overcome differences in height of 6 meters, height more than enough to override the transit corridors of forklifts. This difference, combined with...
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In Easy-Charge charger, can use any type of hot-melt adhesive?Easy-Charge makes it possible to automate the loading of numerous types of hot-melt adhesives (EVA based, metallocene, polyamide, waxes, etc.) That comply with the maximum...
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