What is it Easy-Charge

EASY-CHARGE is able to satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of reliability, low noise, modularity and compatibility towards the plants Hot-Melt most widespread on the market.

The automatic loader for adhesive granules EASY-CHARGE has been made to optimize all loading functions of the hot gluing systems (hot-melt), obtaining several advantages in maintaining the same efficiency of the plant, in the cleaning dell ‘ work environment, nell’incolumità personnel to the production lines and avoiding production stoppages caused by an incorrect filling of the tanks of the plant.

Using EASY-CHARGE there is a drastic reduction of the char present in the tank, thanks to the fact that the adhesive is only loaded when the system requires it, avoiding deteriorations due to its overheating.

With EASY-CHARGE is possible to isolate the bonding facility from the outside environment, avoiding that the pollutants can enter the bath and, at the same time, eliminate the fumes from the tank that are dispersed in the environment, thanks to the use of filters in the hopper 2 standard versions and high filtering.

Technical Brochure

The world of EASY-CHARGE


Installation of EASY-CHARGE (15.1MB) (Required Power Point viewer)

Operation EASY-CHARGE (1.66MB) (Required Power Point viewer)

Set up your EASY-CHARGE (Order Management V2.5)




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