The advantages of Easy-Charge

The strengths of EASY-CHARGE charger are numerous:

  • Easy installation on both new installations and for existing ones, because it requires only the electrical and pneumatic power without any significant additional effort required or tampering of hot melt applicators that could undermine their security;
  • Innovative feeding hopper system, thanks to the combination of a powerful mixing granules system, combined with efficient suction pumps, it is possible to use also within EASY-CHARGE adhesives that other automatic loading systems are not able to treat;
  • Quietness of the power supply system due to the elimination of the pneumatic vibrator used in other types of charger, be replaced by more effective and silent motorized stirrer.
  • Modularity of the loader that allows to connect up to a maximum of 4 independent systems and not necessarily the same at the same tank, thus making it EASY-CHARGE an economic and versatile system . The plants can also be placed at a considerable distance, given that the length of each line that unites EASY-CHARGE plant can reach a length of over 20 meters, increased to 40 with the repeater group, and a height of 6 meters.
  • Easy to use thanks to the sophisticated diagnostics that allows to control each part of the loading process to identify any abnormalities, such as the absence of prnumatica pressure, the failure load of the tub or the presence of adhesive lumps in the tank.
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